It’s one of the first parts of our body to betray the signs of ageing, but it’s also the one of the hardest spots to exercise: the neck and chin area. Sure, you can spend hours gurning away and twisting your head into all sorts of positions in an attempt to tone the neck muscles and get rid of that double chin, but more often than not it makes the matter worse.

What’s more, sagging neck muscles really age you by pulling the rest of the face down, making people look older than they really are. And due to the inability to get rid of the fat naturally, the only thing you can do with a double chin or a chook neck is to hope that turtle-necks never go out of fashion. That is, until now.

Freeze away that double chin – safely and effectively

There are only two neck-fat treatments that have been approved by America’s Food and Drug Administration. One of them involves five monthly treatments, consisting of as many as 50 injections in the chin area per session.

The other is CoolSculpting, a revolutionary treatment that can eliminate the body fat that exercise and dieting can’t.

How does CoolSculpting work on the neck?

Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting is not a quick-fix fat reduction treatment: it’s the procedure that hones in on areas of stubborn fat that are nigh-on impossible to get rid of.

Instead of sucking fat out (only for it to return, if the client isn’t adhering to a healthy diet and exercise regime, it zones in on problem areas with incredible precision, destroys the fat cells by freezing them, and then leaves it up to your natural metabolic functions to flush them out safely and effectively.

And once gone, problematic fat cells don’t come back. CoolSculpting has been around for a while, but it’s only recently that the latest upgrade – the CoolMini – has made it possible to treat smaller areas like the neck and double chin.

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