When you walk into a clinic to undergo a surgical or a non-surgical procedure, you will simply expect that the person carrying out the treatment, will be qualified, with relevant experience and expertise.
Knowing YOUR stuff will go miles in terms of finding a great clinic or practitioner. Researching reviews, finding out the general ‘overall happiness” level of previous clients and booking a consultation can help in sussing out where to book.
A couple of things to ask/watch out for:
  1. Make sure a treatment is carried out within a sterile, hygienic and clinic setting. There are a lot of practitioners out there that are injecting in highly unsanitary environments. These treatments are even happening in places like gyms- which comes with the newfound popularity of these non-surgical treatments.

    But in unsanitary conditions, there’s a higher risk of infection.
  2. Ask what is going into your body. A good practitioner will explain what filler they are using and will be happy to talk you through why this one is the best fit for the job or even calm your nerves!

    So, does your practitioner have the knowledge? Are you feeling comfortable with the answers they are giving you when you ask questions? Anyone injecting your face or body should be doing their very best to make you feel comfortable and in-control of the situation, to some extent.
How do you find reputable clinics when you are looking for somewhere to book for a treatment? Share your tips with us

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