Non-surgical treatments dominate 70% of the market. It’s no secret that lip fillers and chemical peels are no longer taboo- we’re discussing these treatments with our friends over coffee and seeing photos all over our social media feeds, but this has led to a staggering rise in botch-job treatments our of front rooms and garages. These cut-price treatments might be temptingly cheap, but they can cost your sight, cause permanent scarring, infections and issues that an untrained eye simply cannot spot.


If you’re thinking of booking your first non-surgical cosmetic treatment, there are some things to keep in mind.


Research your aesthetic practitioner: If you’re paying a cut price such as £70-100 for cosmetic-grade, high quality filler, the non-clinicians lack of qualifications and experience could be a huge problem later on down the line. It is not going to be a high quality treatment carried out with care and precision.


Avoid deals: We can’t stress enough just how important it is to avoid people that are offering cut-price deals. Our Plastic Surgeon Dr Tariq Ahmad (Make his name a link to his page!) supports the calls for stronger legislation regarding the practice of non-clinicians and aesthetic treatments such as fillers.


It’s not surgical.. But book a consultation: Yes, consultations are an added cost, but there is no price that you can possibly put on your personal safety and beauty. Not only will you feel at ease having met your nurse or doctor previously when you finally go for your treatment, but they can advise the right technique or product for you. You might have your mind set on one specific look, but realise that a doctor can advise what will look the best on your features. Every face is unique. Our plastic surgeon Dr Ahmad has the highest level of skill and expertise to help you decide what will work best for you.


So these are three (3) of the main factors we believe you should definitely take into account prior to your first (or any) next non-surgical treatment.


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