OK so you’ve been to the gym regularly, you’re following the diet plan down to the last calorie but you still can’t shift that last bit of fat to really make the most of that LBD. It might be your armpits, your kneck or your knees but no matter what you do it just can’t be shifted so maybe it’s time to try the new CoolMini by CoolSculpting.

What is the CoolMini?

Coolsculpting is one of the most versatile treatments for attacking unsightly fat pockets. The process literally freezes the fat cells away without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. It’s effective and doesn’t involve any invasive surgery like liposuction with its associated recovery period and the necessity to awkwardly ask for time off work.

The CoolMini is the latest addition to the CoolSculpting portfolio, offering a more targeted treatment to tackle those harder-to-reach areas.

Targeted treatment

What makes the CoolMini treatment different is that it’s targeted specifically at smaller areas which can often be the most stubborn. For someone who is already generally well-toned this could be the solution to achieve the perfect physique.

So if you’ve found the perfect dress for the office party, but don’t like the way your armpits bulge out over the top, or you feel that your fleshy knees just ruin the effect of that slinky bodycon number, then the CoolMini could be just the treatment for you.

Because it’s more targeted than the full CoolSculpting process it can be carried out more quickly so don’t rule out lunch time appointments before going back to work.

Come in to talk to us here at Cambridge Clear Beauty if you want to find out more about the CoolMini or other CoolSculpting procedures and how we can help you finally get you the figure you want.

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