Plastic Surgery Myths Debunked

It is indeed Saturday (finally), so we thought we’d post a blog on some of the fun and sometimes..not so fun statements we come across in the beauty industry almost on a daily basis. As healthy and beauty experts, we do come across a lot of “truths” and “facts” that are not necessarily all that true. If we were to correct every myth, we’d be here all day, but here are a few that we have heard recently and want to address. Plastic surgery and aesthetics comes with social expectations, stigmas and taboos, so there is no wonder that there are so many myths out there!
1. Botox will fix it: 
We see a lot of patients coming into the clinic dead-set on having Botox. This treatment, while amazing, has become more of a pet-name for all injectables these days. At a consultation, many patients are surprised to find out than Juvederm, or another high-quality filler, can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and may even be far more suited.
2. All my friends know: 
Choosing a surgical procedure with a high quality and properly trained surgeon is like getting your eyebrows waxed and then meeting friends for coffee. They know that you look better, but can’t quite put their finger on it. Naturally, there is far more downtime after surgery, but your procedure is tailored to you. Your surgeon will provide results that appear natural and undetectable. Each patient is unique, and a highly skilled plastic surgeon will adjust their technique to ensure that you receive the most natural and beautiful result possible. You, but better.
3. It’s just for women:

This is something we hear sometimes from our male patients. Once upon a time, our male patients felt insecure and unsure about booking in for a consultation or treatment. But this is most certainly no longer the case. There has been a 273% increase between 1997 and 2014 in men undergoing cosmetic procedures.

4. It’s only for vain people:
Although this is portrayed in the media as so, we couldn’t disagree more. Often, our patients will have worked hard for two years losing weight to be left with loose skin. We provide the much needed boost of confidence to truly complete their weight loss journey. Procedures are to help patients feel better, and to be confident as the best possible version of themselves.

We receive many questions and queries daily on the matter above so if you have ever heard or even been given advice you are not entirely certain about, almost do your “due diligence”, check online for answers from more than just 1 source and of course email us or simply comment below.

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