Cosmetic treatments and facial rejuvenation in specific (along perhaps with botox and fillers) tend to be some of the most common treatments we provide nowadays. With such treatments on the rise, it is only natural that there is more discussion on the matter of plastic surgery and hence many misconceptions and facelift myths are often shared and assumed to be true.

Dr Ahmad, often receives visits and queries from both women and men who are interested in “turning back the clock” with a rejuvenating facelift and finds it key to be transparent and honest about these myths.

So let’s have a look at 3 common facelift myths we have heard, seen or told by our patients:

Myth 1 – Facelift makes you look fake

It’s is possibly true that some of the earlier facelifts performed in the 70s and 80s may have caused patients back then to have stretched, artificial-looking skin. However, the effects of a modern facelift are natural-looking and all but undetectable. Part of the reason early facelifts looked more artificial was that surgeons back then hadn’t considered or addressed volume loss. As such, this sometimes led to a hollow appearance and tight-looking skin. Today’s practitioners have access to a greater wealth of knowledge and better technology, which has all but eliminated this problem.

Myth 2 – It is only for women

It is indeed true that facelift is mainly used by women globally and they do still make up the majority of facelift patients. Nonetheless, these does not mean that the treatment is not available or useful for men too. Statistics show that more men are seeking the facial rejuvenation procedure nowadays and thanks to modern surgical techniques, men have the opportunity to refresh their facial appearance without compromising their masculinity. Our advice to men would be to look for an experienced surgeon (with male treatments) and also look at a surgeon’s before-and-after photos of male facelift patients can help you visualise the results you can expect.

Myth 3 – All surgeons are the same

Most definitely not true. Even though all surgeons are highly skilled, experience, patient care and knowledge are key to the profession and success of your treatment. However, not all plastic surgeons are created equal. Choose a plastic surgeon like Dr. Ahmad, who has over 25+ years’ experience and a well-deserved reputation for producing excellent results. Knowledge and patient-centred care is Dr. Ahmad’s passionate approach to your care. Not only will he listen during your consultation, he’ll also assess your needs and provide professional recommendations as well as easy aftercare tips.

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The technological advancements of cosmetic procedures and facelift have significantly improved the past decades and it is consequently our duty to educate our patients. If you’re interested in facial rejuvenation, take time to research the procedure before deciding whether it’s for you or simply give us a call for a chat.

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